I am regularly requested to be a trusted listener, mentor, business advisor and NED Advisory/Board member by businesses and by their Boards, Executives and Owners. While my professional ‘craft’ is based around an unparalleled GST career, I am also a very capable and experienced professional businessman. Based on comprehensive business, accounting, economic and financial experience and qualifications, I have developed my business from the ground up, been Senior Partner of the largest Chartered Accounting Firms leading global professional teams and been involved in sharing learnings and strategies with seriously good businesses and smart business leaders. At a governance level, I’ve Chaired and been on Committees of the Boards of private businesses, Statutory Government Corporations and numerous community and NFPs.

I approach such engagements, that are most often challenging ones, based on a strategic but very flexible methodology. To start with, I will listen to you as you invite me into your reality in Phase 1, revealing everything from who you are, your inner circle, to your unique story and goals and everything in between. If we see eye to eye and consider that confidence and trust abound, we could consider moving forward.

This will allow us, in Phase 2, to address your barriers, identify your allies and determine who you can collaborate with to catapult you to where you want to be in your desired wider circle and vision. Drawing on your What, When, Who, Where, How and How Much, we will then agree on a tailored proposal around an agreed strategy based on your starting point. This is where we agree to a plan that could be event-specific, or could be a short or long-term journey.

Implementing this proposal will arise in Phase 3, where we will work together, seeking the truth and what is possible and how we will do that together. It must be monitored, based on a continuous feedback loop that is adaptable and responsive. Plans are always fluid, continuously changing and improving as the world around us changes.

Finally, empowered by a detailed and specific action plan in Phase 4, you will see a clear picture of how to elevate your standing within your business and your market. It will be you who orchestrates the future that brings forth achievement through professional planning and goal-setting. My support will always be available to you as your sword and shield in your hour of need.