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Discover What You Do Not Know and What You Should Know About GST

How Ken Can Help You Resolve GST Pains and Identify GST Gains

GST can be complex or uncertain, arising from ATO disputes or never-ending audits, challenges in finalising contractual agreements, challenges in the marketplace, conflicting GST advice from other advisors, not being confident of the GST positions you are taking or just making sense of GST rulings and law. I will be guided by a well-tested methodology to cut straight to the real issues, demystify it and give you definitive recommendations as to the best way to proceed. You should sleep at night, knowing that I’ve got your back and will keep you safe. Getting the initial GST answer is only part of what is needed; converting the best GST position into realistic and implementable business outcomes is the end game. I’m called MR GST by many, for good reason. If you’re troubled by GST or are responsible for GST in your business Click Here

Strategic Executive Mentoring and Advising

How Ken Can Help You Enhance Your Business Decision Making Skills and Your Success

Business is complex. The world around us is complex. We are complex. And I can help you. I’ll be guided by a well-tested methodology to cut straight to the real issues that are or could be facing you, and guide you as you deepen your talents and create pathways to greater success. Your future could be quite different from how you are currently visioning it, as could the pathways. While my ‘core technical base’ has been indirect tax, I’ve combined that by strategising the technical tax issues with seriously successful businesses and great business leaders to convert that into business success. I’m dedicated to good governance, with decades of experience on Boards (including being NED, Chair or Treasurer of private enterprises, Government Statutory Corporations, many communities and NFP organisations). There is always much to do, much to look forward to and much to achieve. If you would like to explore how we could do that together Click Here

Do Any of the Following Describe Who You Are, What You Do, What You Need or What You Want?

Are you responsible for GST in your business or has anyone already been contacted by the ATO seeking information or announcing a GST review/audit of your business?

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Is it possible that someone in your business is taking chances by rolling the dice on GST?

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Are you an accountant, lawyer or any other adviser who gives GST advice or makes GST suggestions to clients who will rely on what you advise them?

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Are you responsible for aspects of your business that could be affected by GST, such as financial reporting, stakeholder management, market competition, product development, pricing etc? Could it be worthwhile finding out what you should know about GST?

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As a Board Member, Senior Executive or Business Owner who understands the benefits of robust general and tax governance, are you open to discovering more about being better in your role and career, and how the business will also benefit?

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Are you involved in any part of your business that needs previously unbudgeted cash flow to contribute to greater business success, and would you like to know if GST can generate that for you?

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Conversations With Kenny

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