Ken Fehily is a former advisor to the Federal Treasurer and the ATO on the development and introduction of the GST in Australia, and continues to be consulted about changes to the GST law and the ATO’s administration of it.

Ken was also previously the senior partner leading Arthur Andersen’s and PricewaterhouseCoopers’ indirect tax practices, and is now one of Australia’s most experienced and effective independent advocates in GST matters.

Ken continues to have a respected but independent relationship with the ATO. His views and representations of clients with the ATO are highly respected and listened to, ensuring that his clients and their GST situations are given a sound hearing by the ATO.

Ken’s GST Advocacy services include:

  • Helping clients mitigate unnecessary involvement with, or unnecessary intervention by the ATO. Only going to the ATO when that is clearly the best strategy, and then ensuring that the ATO gives the client a full and fair hearing
  • Guiding and representing clients that are in dispute with the ATO, ensuring an effective and favourable outcome without unnecessary escalation or intervention by the ATO
  • Collaborating with clients to assist them to achieve the best net financial outcomes out of significant transactions and structuring, as well as in the course of everyday business dealings.
  • Well considered but prompt and definitive GST advice
  • Ability to provide well considered but prompt and definitive GST advice
  • Peer review of other advisor’s recommendations, ensuring client’s best interests are represented and that potential risks are identified and mitigated