Ken has advised many Federal, State and Local Government departments, agencies and authorities. Ken understands the requirements of the public sector including the need to balance risk and accountability, public interest and commerciality, all at the same time.

Ken has also served from within the public sector as the immediate past chairman of Victoria’s urban renewal authority (Places Victoria)

Ken’s Government related services include:

  • Advising government agencies on what GST outcomes are achieveable and acceptable when they are traversing the fine line between being Govermnment owned as well as seeking commercial outcomes
  • Having a good knowledge of highly specific and exclusive Government processes and protocols in the many commercial and non-commercial activities that they carry out, as well as being able to advise on their potential or possible GST outcomes
  • Assisting clients understand and negotiate the special terms and processes that Government agencies are bound to such as vesting of property, crown ownership, compulsory acquisitions, charges and feesand differences between State and Federal issues (eg taxis and Uber)